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    Put the power of personal
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Dear Elites!

The advent of inclusive finance, which operated and developed carefully by Edward Jones while the financial system had eventually broken through 327,000 users across the world. Therefore, here, Edward Jones sends the best and deepest gratefulness to all participants and supporters. It is of great honor of Edward Jones to start business branches in world. And Edward Jones promise to move towards to the bright future! Edward Jones is going to provide users with safer, more efficient and more standardized investment and wealth management services. Edward Jones is welcome to valuable comments and suggestions from all elites!



Total Investment

Corporation mission:

Holding onto the developing direction of financial digitalization, effectively using financial technology, vigorously carrying out financial innovation, improving service accuracy, reducing service costs, and controlling financial risks.

Corporation purpose:

The goal of Edward Jones is to provide investors with a safe investment platform while investors are capable of getting high returns.

Edward Jones


The current global president, James D. Weddle, convincing that Edward Jones will grow stronger and continue to provide personal investment services to the growing number of independent investors in suburban and towns. Edward Jones established the first branch in Canada in 1994. Over the past decade, Edward Jones has provided professional and excellent financial services to cities across Canada. The number of branches in North America is the highest in the industry.

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Chief Investment Officer

John Wilson studied his Ph.D. in Finance at the Stanford University; after graduation, he joined the famous investment bank Lehman Brothers and became a Middle Street trader at Lehman Brothers. He is one of the legendary traders in Lehman's history; then he joined the world's most prestigious traders the hedge fund 'SAC Capital' which had set a record for profit with annual revenues of more than $50 million and boarded the top 100 Wall Street traders.

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Chief Technical Officer

Jordan Bell graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Ph.D. in Mathematics and Computer Science. He was a Wall Street legendary analyst who utilized his extraordinary math and computer talent developing a new high-frequency and quantitative trading robots ahead the rivals which can seize market opportunities in the global financial market. Once the invention was published, it was highly sought after by many fund companies. Eventually, Jordan Bell chose to join the Edward Jones.

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Corporation New Business Strategy

Omnibearing Investment in the Financial Field

After more than ten years of establishment, Edward Jones has a huge scale of business. With the abundant experiences and the strong background support and financial and industrial resources, Edward Jones has seized the first opportunity in financing and risk management in financial field. Over the past decade, the Edward Jones has completed financial distribution in five major areas: including food agriculture, medical health, shared consumption, artificial intelligence, and big data. These layouts provide a spacious view of the prospective development of this corporation.

Quantitative Transaction

Quantitative transaction refers to utilizing advanced mathematical models to replace artificial subjective judgments along with using computer technology to select strategies from a large amount of historical data that can bring excess returns to large-scale aiming to greatly reduce the impact of fluctuation of investor sentiment. Over the years, the quantitative trading team has continuously accumulated data and developed the world's most advanced quantitative trading analyzing software in major financial markets and devoted to creating lucrative profits for customers.

High Frequency transaction

The essence of high-frequency transaction is the utilization of mathematical statistical logic to achieve ultra-high-speed trading methods with the help of Intelligent technology. There are a variety of opportunities in the market. Due to the flaws in manual operating transaction, high-frequency transaction has the ability to seize this ephemeral opportunity to obtain stable excess returns within a glimpse. Currently, Edward Jones has the fastest speed in network transaction in the world under the leadership of Dr. BELL and the most advanced algorithm system. With Faster trading speed and stronger algorithms, Edward Jones corporation's profits become far greater than those of other competitors in the same industry.

EJ-NET First STO (Security Token Offering) Exchange Network of Global Blockchains

STO Exchange, the future of the blockchain market

Edward Jones has an insight into the market situation and believed that STO as a new financing method which conforms to government policies will become a new trend in digital currency transformation in the future...

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EJ-NET, the Benchmark for the global STO exchange

Edward Jones will launch the first STO exchange EJ-NET in 2020 with aims to create industry norms and benchmarks for global digital asset securitization. EJ-NET intelligent trading platform can proceed multi-currency mortgages such as BTC/ETH...

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Thousands of trading models derived from EJ-NET exchanges

The current blockchain or digital currency exchanges only provide simple asset trading, such as buying and selling, short selling which far from being able to meeting market demands...

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Innovative Customer Concept

Corporation power helps customers solve the risk of participating in digital assets of "Know Nothing About It" Due to information asymmetry, most digital currency participants do not understand digital assets.

1. Do not know how to participate: how many types of digital currency are; how to buy; how to sell; and do not know how to operate;

2. Do not know how to arbitrage: Being Not able to figure out which kind of currency is valuable.

3. Do not know the market situation: do not understand the market result in the loss of the transaction; cannot make profits in the trading market. However, through the one-stop service of Edward Jones, leveraging the corporation's strong analytical capabilities in the financial sector, as well as quantitative and high-frequency trading technology, customers will achieve zero risk participation in digital currency instead of taking the risk of being entrapped.

Mass Conference in August 2019 - Las Vegas, USA

The product launch of the Edward Jones will be attended by thousands of people. At that time, there will have financial figures such as Buffett, the famous Investor; Charlie Lee, the founder of LTC; Nick Szabo, founder of the Smart contract and the main participator of the Cypherpunks; Adam Back, founder of Blcoksteam; Andreas M Antonopoulos, the most well-known global anchor of the Bitcoin community; VitalikButerin, founder of ETH; Li Xiaolai, the legendary of Chinese digital currency. In addition, there will be a large number of top teams from the financial industry and the blockchain industry. This conference will become the largest scale blockchain financial seminar in the world.